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How Old Am I?

How old is "Kori"?

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Just got out of the bath and she wants a bit.....

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Kori is a cute chick, with brunette locks and white skin. She's a medium lady with a fit frame, yummy bootie and a nice pair of perky boobs.

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People's Comments

46456456: YAY!! I guessed the age right, lol.
Rolf: Hello from holland
forest503: Very Lovely
Doreen229: you look like a ** yr old
Username: phucken eat something
Zipporah: a Toronto girl.. Hello from Ottawa...
wee69zer: porn freak from canada
ShyGuy18: Toronto Maple Leafs - the shirt is short enough - now visit europe (and i find you out) !
rennix: Nice Redhead
James Hunter: pretty pretty pretty I love canada and there women

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