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How old is "Michelle"?

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Cat woman eat your heart out, this babe does look mighty fine with her 34F bust also to show off, well darling no complaints here.

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Michelle is a gorgeous woman, with blonde locks and white skin. She's a short lady with a fit figure, yummy bootie and a nice pair of holy moly boobs.

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Jessi: and no way she is **
Jessi: woww...i think this is the stupidest thing i have ever seen her butt is giant by the way
silverstar: That's coz ger butt is filled with sh!t
Daddy: Gwen Stefani's butt's kinda huge!
christina650: THAT AINT U...U A POSER
jov: black spandex? haha someone loves their S and M
jringo: Body Condom included
ShyGuy18: be My cat woman (i've got SHEBA!!)
Hannnnnah: ahhhh you scare me this isnt porn
James hunter: yum yum yum tie me up and spank me

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