How Old Am I?
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Frequently Asked Questions
How Old Am I?
How do I win the Monthly Prizes?
Every month, we give away prizes to the top users of the site. To win our monthly prizes you will either need to earn the highest Gold Stars or Silver Stars. Remember, you will also need to upload at least 20 photos and have commented on 40. Click here to upload your photos.

Tell me more about the Silver and Gold Stars?
Registered users will find when they accurately guess someone's age, we award them with a Gold Star. If the guess is accurate within one year, we reward you with a Silver Star. At the end of each month, we review the people with the highest gold and silver stars and issue them with a prize. Remember, to be eligible to win, you will need to upload at least 20 photos a month and comment on at least 40 photos. You can see your Star Points in your profile.

I forgot my Password, what do I do?
You can click on the Reminder link on the menu or click here and enter your username to have your password eMailed to you. If that fails, contact support.

I haven't received my Activation Code, can you help?
If you haven't received your activation code, you probably entered a fake eMail address and it serves you right! If you have entered a correct eMail address and still haven't received your activation code, click here, and enter your username to have it eMailed to you. If that fails, contact support.

How do I Upload Photos?
If you are a registered member, you can click on the Submit Photo link on the menu and follow the instructions. If you need to register, click here.

Can I post Nude Photos?
Yes you can but you need to select "Very Nude" from the "Nudity" menu when you create the profile for your photo. If you do not do this, we will remove your photo and ban you.

How do I Report bad photos?
If you find a photo or a comment that is a violation of our Terms & Conditions, you can report it to us using the "Report!" link located on the bottom left of the photo page.

How do I Link to
We have created some graphics that you can use when you are trying to link to this web site from yours. Click here to see the graphics and the code that you can use to make the link.

Can I send you my Website Link?
Sure you can, click here and send us your web address. If we approve, we will add it to the random links section.

Why do men have Nipples?
You know what? We don't know, we'll have to get back to you on that one.

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