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How old is "Turanga Leela"?

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Turanga Leela is a fictional character in the animated television series Futurama, voiced by Katey Sagal. Leela is captain of the Planet Express Ship and is the primary love interest of one of the series' main male protagonists, Philip J. Fry. She is orig

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Turanga Leela is a horney lass, with bizarre hair and tanned skin. She's a tall lady with a fit figure, pert buttocks and a beautiful rack.

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SHEAPOYTHRESS: what a total scum bag
siskasteya: we must accept all living things, even ones from the universe
Livvi: hhhhhhhm you look like the girl of futerama
Username: learn how to phucking spell you tool!
Bobby Yaram: how this could be accepted?

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