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How Old Am I?

How old is "Bonnie"?

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Some peeps i seen in a bar one day, i thought they were the most attractive couple in the world.. btw your voting on the doris.

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Bonnie is a fugly gal, with brunette hair and white complexion. She's a midget of a woman with a skinny frame and a nice pair of teeny tiny boobs.

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People's Comments

lilhunnie143: awe thats mean... people should be alot nicer to people with a disability
lungmanjack: you're twentytwo? Is that IQ?
AgeingPunk: Progeria? I hope it's not...
MustangJessica9: Silver star for me too. What is that?
AgeingPunk: 'm hoping it's a Photoshopping job...
AgeingPunk: Silver star here. VERY weird photo. I'm disturbed yet fascinated. What IS the story behind this pic?
oscar22: are you rale or are you a robot
chiggyman: Oh yeah gold star hah!
joeoneeye: aaarrrghhhh nice top
thunderbunny57108: is that a puppet on your lap?

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