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How Old Am I?

How old is "Keely"?

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This is a two-dimensional digital representation of myself, suitable perhaps for sculpting an inspirational bust.

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Keely is a cute bloke, with brunette locks and white complexion. He's a medium fellow with a fit body, tight bootie.

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People's Comments

lovestar: he looks like gotye- in a way the hair!
AgeingPunk: Very good looking. Should be an actor.
Zipporah: I like those classical features.. a really handsome face
lara2601: wow! beautiful face!!
SloantheSnowboarder: Holy buhjesus you have gorgeous eyes..
Username: Jim Morrison........................
sebby: oh my! now theres a sexy one! GOLD STAR!
Xentrikk: NICE eyes! where'd ya get 'em?!!?
methedemon: your cool...

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