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How old is "Shakira"?

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Daddy likes blondes but lets just say Miss Shakira aint no blonde! And oh, BTW, whatever you do, dont go around confusing her breasts for mountains becasue hey, weve all made that mistake...sure Shakira! Blow your own trumpet why dont ya?

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Shakira is a pretty woman, with blonde hair and tanned skin. She's a short lady with a curvy figure, wide bootie and a nice pair of teeny tiny boobs.

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People's Comments

wowgirl: you guys are inapropriot
bubblezz9818: Shikara is very talented and beautiful
oscar22: you a tart
Zipporah: well this looks like a professional model
MetalVolleyball: I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shakira is my idol
James hunter: wow I would love to go mountian climbing and then slide into her cravas
Maz: please don't confuse them with mountains
MitchUK: Aww, she is so small and humble
RedBull: I know this chick, didnt she have red hair in one of her music videos? She knows how to shake her BIG bootie!
Daddy: Go on, go play in the mud why dont you? Then later you can dive in to the river! BTW, tell me again about the mountains...

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